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Namibia is the fastest growing tourism destination in the world; a unique country of diversity. From rugged and beautiful landscapes to the wonder of Africa's wildlife at its best.



  • Namibia has 2.3 million inhabitants and has 13 ethnics cultures.

  • The capital town is Windhoek and the current president is Hage Geingob. 

  • The Namibian Dollar (N$) is fixed to and on par with the South African Rand but most places have credit card facilities as you're not going to find ATMs outside the towns.  

  • Namibia Standard Time is 1 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+1) during winter time; from the 1st Sunday in April until the 1st Sunday in September.

  • There are 2 rainy seasons; between February and April and between September and November.

  • Roads are well maintained, but with 37,000 km gravel and only 5,450 km tar, speed limits are 80 km/h on gravel and 100 km/h on tar.

  • Namibia is safe, but when stopping at traffic lights, it's a good idea to keep your doors locked and windows up. Never leave anything visible in a parked car. Be vigilant if you stop at picnic sites.

  • Remember to stay hydrated; most tap water is purified but visitors should take caution. Padkos is a must; biltong, nuts and fruits.

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